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We are committed to provide every client with the most precise and accurate home inspection information and reports.

As Florida State Licensed & FABI Certified Home Inspectors, we have the knowledge and ability to get the job done wright.


Providing you with same day reports!

We conduct inspections 6 days a week and if necessary also on Sunday for a small price increase.

  On average, reports are ready within 2-3 hours upon the time the inspection is completed.


We are very precise, have many years of experience with our partner, Mr. Hugo Lintner, have good knowledge in Europe and Florida Building practices, and we are always there for our clients.


Available  7 - Days A Week

Helping every client understand the findings and providing you detailed information needed to make an informed decision.

By phone or email

We Are Licensed & Insured

Complete Homeinspection

If you are looking to buy or sell your home, it is imperative that you have a professional home inspection.

A complete home inspection covers every aspect of a property’s condition and can alert you of existing or potential problems.

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4 Point Inspection

A Four Point Home Inspection is required by insurance companies before a home insurance policy is issued on an older home 25 years old or more- depending on the insurance company. It covers 4 important areas of the home: HVAC, Electric, Plumbing, & Roof.

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Wind Mitigation

An important service for Florida residents as our homes face high hurricane winds. This assessment shows how well various parts of your home can resist wind damage. With this analysis, you will receive home insurance discounts. Recommended Inspection

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What are we going to inspect?

We follow guidelines from the standard of practice, we cover more than 500 potential problem areas, which are then recorded under one of eight sections in the book:

Structural Inspection

Covers the structure of the building in terms of materials used and type of construction. Foundation type, framing materials, and other significant sub-components are noted along with any idiosyncrasies. The inspector also checks for major or minor problems in the foundation, floor, wall and roof framing.

Electrical Inspection

The electrical system is checked for sufficient capacity and safety, and evaluated in terms of its current condition and suitability for future use. Upgrades and repairs are recommended where appropriate.

Heating and Air Conditioning Inspection

The inspector assesses the capacity of the existing equipment, and by considering the age of the equipment and its intended capacity, approximates the life expectancy and recommends appropriate repairs and upgrades.

Plumbing Inspection

The piping and fixtures throughout the house are checked for function flow and life expectancy. They are screened for unsanitary conditions and potential repairs, freeze vulnerability, or spillage/overflow. Laundry equipment, tile work, and domestic water heating equipment are also inspected.

Basement / Crawl Space / Slab Inspection

Water seepage probabilities and structural problems are evaluated and remediation advice given if needed. The inspector also looks for possible problem areas that could cause structural problems, such as poor soil, surface drainage, proximity to tree roots and rotating stoops.

Kitchen Inspection

All appliances are operated and deficiencies noted. The inspector approximates the age of each piece and its life expectancy. The inspector may also, depending on the age and usefulness of the kitchen, suggest a budget for repairs ranging from addressing typical minor problems to a complete renovation.

Interior Inspection

Walls, floors and ceiling surfaces are scanned for problematic conditions, visible evidence of water penetration, potentially dangerous or toxic materials, fire hazards, or security breaches are always taken into account when conducting a Home Inspection. Ventilation and energy conservation aspects are checked and appropriate upgrades are itemized.

Exterior Inspection

The roof (where safe and appropriate), roof runoff controls and landscape drainage are inspected and necessary improvements are recommended. Stoops, steps, walks and drives are checked for voids, surface problems and safety hazards.

Our professionalism, experience, and thoroughness are just some reasons Sarasota FL residents are trusting us.

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