We'll make sure they do it right!

Replacing a roof? Having a new home built? Remodeling a bathroom? Adding a deck?

We’ll make sure your contractor does it right!

Have one of our local and independent certified inspectors stop by and check to see that the work is being done properly, before it’s too late. The inspector can also approve the completed job before you make the final payment to the contractor.

Reasonable Rates: It costs no more than a few hundred dollars per visit to have a third-party, certified inspector check your project.

OverSeeIt inspectors offer a variety of services:

Project and contractor oversight

New-construction phase inspections

Final walk-through inspections

One-Year Builder’s Warranty Inspections

Annual inspections for home and commercial property owners

Investor consulting

Pre-Listing Seller Inspections

Foreclosure inspections

Insurance inspections

Home inspections